My Circuit Cellar

Where the magic happens

For most of the independent development projects I prefer to work from home where I have a fully-equipped office and laboratory for test, measurement, prototyping and repair needs.


Home Office


This is where I develop the hardware and firmware for most of my customers.
I normally work on a triple-screen workstation and a notebook, both running Arch Linux, with the help of MS Windows virtual machines for some of the development software I use.
In the picture, on the shelf behind the screens, you can see a lot of development boards, programmers, debuggers on which I experiment and develop Proof-of-Concept systems, with some books and manuals I always keep at hand for reference and learning.

Home Laboratory


Most of the testing, measurement, prototyping and repair activities happens here.
In the picture you can see most of the workbench tools I use, such as the 3D printer and the press drill/milling tool in the back, the soldering bench on the right and, in the middle, most of my measurement instruments.