Finally I'm in the new office!

Posted 14 Jan 2018

After countless week-ends and most of my summertime working to bring this place to a usable shape, my new home office is ready.

I updated the website with some pictures and a few details, and also some new tools and equipment I bought lately.

This workplace is located at the first floor of my home, with a bench layout adapted to my working style. I already tested its functionality on a couple of small projects and I am still slightly adapting it for the better efficiency. The main workstation, the instrumentation and the soldering bench are placed in a U-shaped layout, so that I can easily reach everything by simply turning around my chair. The bench for mechanical assembly and other dirty operation is placed at the bottom of the room. A small desk is available for meetings and team reviews for a maximum of 4 people. Coffee, tea, softdrinks and cookies will always support the brainwork happening here.

You are welcome to come to say hello when you are nearby.